The previous days have left me with a training void.

Today’s goal was to run after work and then hit the group ride up for some good times.
The weather did not seem to want anyone out on a ride, so it was a good thing I got a run in.

The bad thing happened during the run. I know what a pregnant women feels now when they feel the first kick of a baby. I was running along on my usual route when about 4-5 miles in I felt a pain in my gut. No problem just getting a cramp. Well, I should have known. I finished up that run without too much issue with a pace close to normal. Actually it was on the faster side of the trend line as of late, so good news there.
When I usually get done with a run I’m hungry, not tonight. The cramps started slowly and I ended up in bed at 7:30 and sound asleep shortly there after. The next day I manned up and went to work only to leave at 10:00 after I found out what Chuck Norris’ mother must have felt when he roundhouse kicked her from inside the woom. I spent the next day on the couch, the floor, the toilet, the bed and in hell. I even thought at one point I was dieing from a Heart Attack as the pains in my chest were so severe I was rolling in agony on the floor. I managed to muscle up and put on a good show for the first night of practice. Having only had a few pieces of toast in the past 24hours had left me pretty weak. It was another early to bed night with lots of tossing and turning. Saturday didn’t start any better, only now I knew I wasn’t dieing. I don’t have time for being sick. So projects were started and completed and by 5pm I had my first meal. I was so hungry I’m pretty sure I ate a half of a sheet pizza!

It’s good NOT to be sick, but we sure take the pain free life we live in for granted don’t we?