[cue conspiracy theory music]

I ain’t gonna lie here, at the moment I’m feeling like I am on the brink of a major life changing event that will have a great effect on how I and my family lives……

 I’m struggling with an argument between my own common sense and my instinct/gut feelings.  I live in Upstate NY and myself and a bunch of my friends have always joked about how when the shit hits the fan WE are going to be on the front lines.  Well, I feel we are dangerously close to having the fan start spinning while NYC has a serious case of the Hershey squirts.

 Aunt Sandy, if you have had your head under a rock, has messed some crap up in NYC and the immediate surrounding areas.  Heck where I am, 4+hours driving time or 180 miles, west of thereSandyf’d some stuff up.  I’ve seen what people are like, first hand, that have been living in cold wet conditions for 3+ days with no heat or power.  Shelves at the grocery here aren’t empty, just low, and people are freaking out.  There is plenty of gas here (at the moment) yet people are freaking out. 

 I woke this morning and was watching the news to see how bad it’s getting just a few hours east and I for the first time got a really good sense of concern for my own future.  My family’s safety became a question that I am currently unsure how to answer.  That joke my friends and I have made for years seems to not be so funny at the moment.  I’ve never thought I would “really” consider a bunker or some crazy tinfoil wearing conspiracy theory whack job that has seen too many Mad Max movies inspired camaro, but just yesterday I thought what I would do with no fuel.  Random as it seemed at the time, I thought “why aren’t there sail cars”?  The scary part for me was knowing how my brain works, best under pressure.  Was this my brain coming up with a solution to a problem that I was unaware was there?  It certainly wasn’t the root of having nothing to do as working at a utility company post hurricane is anything but ‘slow’.  This morning I started looking around the house and thinking about how we live currently with a family of 6.  We heavily rely on fresh foods from the store because of the health benefits, or more realistically the lack of health benefits from everything else that one would stock in their pantry.  I don’t have a pantry, heck I don’t have a PLACE for a pantry.  Mean while I look at my family, from a post apocalyptic breakdown point of view, and I ask “could we survive as a team”?  Knowing that there would be a huge pressure on me to keep them fed and safe really threw a stressful moment into my head.  I don’t want to believe any of this bull that’s currently running through my head and out of my fingers here, but my gut is telling me something I don’t want to listen to. 

 With Millions of people just a few hours away and only one direction to go, I’m concerned.  I don’t know if ‘scared’ is correctly used in this case since I think as a family we will be fine, but desperate folks (as I’ve seen in person) have ZERO intelligence and strength greater than usual. 

 Hopefully these silly thoughts will pass now that I’ve put them down on ‘paper’ …… but I still want to build a “sail car” just incase.

 Heard any good jokes lately?