The first step is figuring out WHY/WHAT are you training for.

I haven’t had a definitive answer to this for a few years now.  I’m still not entirely sure what it is.  I know that the 50miler in a ‘few’ weeks (June 8th?) should be the A-race, but I think Rev3 Quassy is the A-race with the 50miler 6days after that event being the “recovery run”.  Makes sense in my head.


I stepped on the scale this morning after doing everything I could to make myself lighter, up to and possibly including shaving my entire body.  (great mental image right?)

My scale moaned from the agony of my presence.

It does!

It does!

This holiday season made me realize I have become more attracted to the Earth.  (think about it)


Now the new short-term goal:  Cancun, 6 weeks from today and 10 lbs from today.


For all you lovey dovey saps out there in internet land with fancy phones and calendars that remind you all the time, set the date, it’s Feb 14th!   If you don’t know why you are remembering that date, ask your wife, she’ll tell you.  heart

Hey, on a side note, have you signed up for any races yet?  Check out Rev3 Branson!  Not sure if I can work this one into the schedule this year, but I’m certainly going to try.