It seems I have to make the sad announcement that there will be NO Resolution Run…… at least not officially and not in the previously approved location.

For what ever reason you want to call it, minds of those in power have changed and decided that running the Resolution Run is unsafe.  Even with all the provisions I suggested, those that live in a small box could not seem to see over the edges at things outside that box.  So it is with great sorrow that I have to cancel this event.

I will suggest to those out there that still want to start their Year off right, to do something different.  Keep yourself guessing.  Countdown the New Year early and don’t wait for the ball to drop since “dropping the ball” has in my experience never been a positive thing.  Go for a run at midnight (wearing proper reflective gear and lighting of course).  Afraid to swim?  Take some lessons (contact me if you need some).  Go for a ride on your bike in the rain.  (might I suggest some fenders?)

The New Year begins when you decide it should.  NOW is the best time to do something, why wait?

As for now, I am sorry this event couldn’t be pulled off.  Maybe next year? A new location is being worked on that should have ZERO of the concerns that the ‘powers that be’ were concerned with.

For now, Good Bye