Nothing crazy I suppose, got a couple open water swims in, a long day of coaching a swim team in a pool that seemed to have the HEAT on.  After the swim meet, we hit the gorge in Watkins for a nice long hike.  Those kids make everything a competition……. I wonder where they get that?  After that hike I was beat!  Glad for a glass of JD and coke with a camp fire.

Sunday started with the second open water swim.  Then Bruce and I hammered out a 57mile ride that left us both in short supply of “giddy-up”.  Flollowed that ride up with a short run in the 90* temps and a dip in the pool.  Good day.

Just got back from Track practice with the Rogue Race Teams Youth Running group.  I never thought it was going to be as big as it is!  There are like a million billion kids!  Huge!  Awesome.

Hot and Sticky and Tired at this point.

Good Times!