Sometimes in life the ambitious bite off more than they can chew.  Lately it seemed to me that my mouth was starting to become full. After a long talk with my wife, we decided it was time to clean the plate a little.  As of last evening I have resigned from my role in the Rogue Race Team.  It’s been a long run and the team should have no issues in the future.  I left the reigns in the hands of a capable person.

It has been causing some extra stress on yours truly and I just don’t need that.   My fitness has dropped like a stone as a result and it’s time I get that back.  So with one weight lifted off my shoulders I already feel lighter and ready to move on.  I will still be a participating member of the team, but I will try my best to keep my nose out of all the behind the scenes business.  Getting back to MY roots of training and just putting the miles in and being concerned about me is my New Year’s Resolution.

Here’s to a new 2013