This week was a fairly successful week(5days) in training.  I managed 5 days of swimming and 3 (soon to be 4) days of running.   4lbs down from the previous thursday (Cancun announcment) weigh in.  I know those aren’t a ‘real’ 4lbs, but hey, I’ll take’em.

Starting next week I’m planning on adding this somewhere in the mix

Trainer 1 hour each day:
10′ warm up
20′ @ Tempo
5′ easy
20′ @ Tempo
5′ cool down and done.


Not sure where it will fit during the 24hrs yet……. but it has to find a home somewhere.  Wish I could get my runs in on lunch like I used to.

20 weeks ’til Rev3 Quassy?  Plenty of time…..

Great weather this weekend has a ride planned for tommorow and maaaaaybe one on sunday.  A run would be a great addition to the weekend.

On a side note, some interesting super top secret things are going on behind the scenes in my life.  Crossing fingers!