Ever have one of those days, where you are trying your damndest to be productive but your mind is giong in roughly 1.5million dierections? Have an idea and follow that only to find another to follow until you get so far away from the starting point that you aren’t exactly sure where it was?

Today is one ocf those daze. Just one of those items that has succesfully distracted me is this place. I haven’t written in a long time and I have been trying to think of something whittiy to write. Nothing yet. Though something funny is happening AS I type this, the screen is blank and all i see is a cursor going across the page. I’m able to look out the window at all the trees and their billiant colors of fall, but on my screen….. it’s blank. I’m interested in how many typos show up later.

Anyways, the other things I have been thinking about all day include, but are not limited too, Training, Work, Work outside of work, my 10th anniversary (next week or so), Halloween and Swimming.

Training feels like i should be doing something other than my lousy 4-hrs/week i have been averagins for the last 3 weeks. If only i couldget organized and make that training plan for next year that would be great.
Work, I love sitting at a computer all day shuffeling papers……. ok, no i don’t.
Work outside of work, How can i support my hobbies in a way that may turn into my real job someday or at the very least a real job for someone? I’ve had a few ideas, i just need to dig up some start up cash for one of them. WE’ll see what happens there. I’m sure i will let you know about that one.
My 10th wedding anniversary to the best damn wife money could buy…. ok, she was “free” but if i had enough money she would have one heck of a price tag. So 10 years with her has been great. She still seems to enjoy my company and i hers. We still can still make each other laugh and smile which i think is a huge part of a successful marriage. What has been istracting me is WHAT to do fo this annual versity . Seems we will be on a flight home from FL this year on our ACTUAL day, so something on another weeekend has to take it’s place. Peerhaps that something is going to be in a few weeks and we will be enjoying some alone time with out those kids and be somewhere nicer than home. Just WHERE that is so far has elluded me.

Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, What wiis it doing on a WEdnesday night this year? Kids have sschool in the morning! So my lsister has apparently told my kids that she is making them Ninja costumes,I am a little concerened because they are excited about this, but she isn’t exactly the most reliable person when it comes to time commitments. I fear that she won’t pull through. So this gestureis doing nothing but adding stress to mye and my wallet, now i have to have back up costumes for the (very likely) event that she doesn’t pull through with HER promise, making me and Kelly look bad.

Well its life i suppose. At this point i’m done typing on a completely blank screen and i’m going to hit publish. Wish me luck as i think this will be a neat chance to test my typing skills.