It’s not often I choose to wear any form of jewelery.  In fact, my wedding band broke a month ago and I’ve yet to replace it.  (Don’t worry Kelly, soon enough)

Well, when I was at the Rev3 Old Orchard Beach, Maine event there was a small start up company at the expo, along with many not so small.  They (She), are called TriBling.  They create and sell jewelery that triathletes might actually be willing to wear. 

I know that I am not overly interested in looking anything less than masculine, so the thought of slapping on a necklace might seem to go against that game plan.  That is where TriBling picks up the ball and does a great job of running down the field.  They have, I think, very nicely managed to create a style that is masculine and actually looks good.  (Ask my wife, she said it looks good)


TriBling T1

One of the things I like about this necklace is the ‘cord’ that is used.  It’s a rubber of some kind.  It’s not stretchy like a rubber band.  It’s great because it doesn’t ‘get wet’ and stay wet making the collar of your shirt all wet in the process.  You can wear it in the pool or while running and it doesn’t absorb all that moisture.  That’s a huge plus for a sweaty guy like me. 

The size of the pendant is between a nickel and a quarter.  It’s not so big and obtrusive that it looks gawdy and it’s not so small that it’s fragile.  Like goldilocks, it’s just right.

If your eye sight is good you can make out the symbol in the pendant and what all the marks stand for.  I will give you a hint and show you the original logo that it’s based off:

TriBling Logo

The Blue is the water and waves, the Black is the Chain Ring on your bike, and the Green actually has a foot print in it.  Pretty cool really.

Take a trip over to their webpage and read the back story as well.  Nice lady that Susan