i haven’t been keeping this training log updated….. not sure why?  maybe just because i’ve been busy, maybe because this thing doesn’t auto correct my bad spelling and my lack of willingness to use capitalization?  either way, i will clue you in on the latest two days of activities and maybe that will jump start my getting back at this updating thing…maybe

Monday was a travel/recovery day followed by a lovely walk with the wife and kids topped with an hour long massage. 

Tuesday started with a forced trip to the pool as i knew i had to do something.  I was helping a friend while i was there so my set wasn’t exactly focused.  it ended up being the following:

500wu (200fr,100bk, 100br, 100fr) 8:00

15×100 1:45

the first 100 was 1:05!?!?!?  WTF?  followed by mostly 1:08-:12’s after that.  those are times that i was certainly not expecting. 

the rest of the days activities were just two walks with my wife to try and loosen up a tight hamstring. 

Wednesday (today) hit the pool again.  Today was more focused on me, with a smidgen of help for the friend again. 

todays set was:

500wu (same as always) 8:00

10×200 3:00

landed every single one of them on 2:31-32 .  even the ones i tried to go easy and the ones i tried to go hard.  funny how that works out sometimes.  Winky joined me for the last 5 of them which was nice to keep my pace moving.  he beat me on the last one though.  tonights schedule includes a 6.59mile run of unknown speed…. likely not that fast.  until then.  TTYL and shit.