Two trainer rides in a row now! 

Sunday I found myself just walk out into the garage and get on the rollers.  No plan, no talk of it, just felt like it.  That’s always a good sign that your body is ready to get back into things.  I just rode for an hour before taking Ace and Axl to Xcountry practice.  None of the kids liked doing hill repeats. 

Last night I set up the trainer and cranked up the tunes to just under ear drum bleeding. 

  • WU 10:00
  • 10 x [2:00 on, 1:00 off]
  • 5:00 on
  • 1:00 off
  • 5:00 on
  • 10:00 CD

That was a doozy for just coming back to the trainer.  Man that garage is chilly when you get started!  Feels great at the end though.


I’ve been trying to keep track of some training on a spread sheet.  Actually I’ve been trying to come up with a training plan, but just keep logging my training along the way.  Last week I covered 11,500yds in the 4 days I swam, which is a big deal, along with a HUGE 17 miles of running.  This week will be missing out thanks to traveling at the end of the week for the Rev3 Anderson, SC Race that Kelly and I are working.  Should be a nice kid free get away.