A thousand miles seems pretty far

but they’ve got planes and trains and cars

I’d walk to you if I had no other way…..


That’s the best singing I could do.


Rev3Maine!  Holy Shit,an awesome race!


Most awesome! I’m wondering if this medal will function as a bottle opener….

Highlights for those with no time to indulge my soon to be very long winded report:


  • Got Crabs
  • Drank beer
  • Raced
  • Ate lobsters
  • Clapped a lot
  • Got sad
  • Slept at a gas station
  • Got home


“I’m kind of a big deal”  At least that’s how I felt at this race.  It started with a gracious place to stay from Ryan Heisler,a fellow Rev3Tri teammate who lives inPortlandMaine.  He referred to it as a “Homestay” which if you are familiar with the Pro’s that’s what a place to stay is called.  So I felt a little ‘Pro-ish’.  Big thanks to Ryan and his wife for giving me a place to crash.

 I rolled into Portland on Friday night after a looooong drive alone that included ZERO stops along the way…… with great exception made for the 2hours I spent in traffic jams for This Little Guy:

 As you can see there was a smidgen of a fire on the front end of this tanker and they were bleeding the gas (I think) into the air.  After this it was clean sailing.  

The peleton wouldn’t pull through.

 I got to Ryan’s at 9ish Friday and after a refreshingly chilled beer it was off to bed.

 Up and at ‘em on Saturday to make the short 20min drive down to the expo site to start the day.  We made the rounds with my new found family that is the Rev3 crew.  They were just getting their game rolling for the day after a long night on Thursday.  Ryan and I headed down the street to the beach to hit up the morning swim.  The ocean was surprisingly calm.  I guess it’s usually a calm beach because of how it’s protected by blah blah blah….. Anyways.  I donned my Helix and hit the water.  First 100yards were pretty chilly but once you got out past the waves it got pretty comfy.  Swam out to the buoy that kept moving because it wasn’t secured yet so it made for interesting sighting practice.  On the way back in I had a really cool experience.  As I was getting towards shallower water (10ft maybe?) I spotted a crab running across the bottom.  It was like I had planned for this to happen and I dove down mid stroke and grabbed it off the bottom.  (ok so it took two shots as the little bastard moved a little faster than I thought he could)  But I can now say I got crab(s) from the ocean. 

crabby patty. That lady in the background was in the crappy wetsuit contest, you can’t tell but that thing was falling apart after only a year! Xterra anyone????

 After the swim and photo op with the crab and the supporting sponsors logos (labels out!) we helped with the “worst wetsuit competition”  where you show up in a crappy wetsuit and you get a brand new FREE Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit.  The lady and dude that won the suit certainly scored!  Back to the expo,grabbed packet,took picture for Jumbo Tron,picked up goody bag,then met up with a handful of Teammates to do a little ride to make sure our rigs were all in check.  After the ride,grabbed some lunch and waved to Elvis….. yep!  Dropped off the bike and headed back to Ryan’s to get all the crap packed for the morning.  After a short nap (Why haven’t I done THIS before) we drank a beer on the porch watching cars and then went to “The Lost Bear” for some grub with some teammates…… phew a long day!   Early to bed because my RACE starts with a 6:20am splash time!

 Race morning! 

 I watched the sun come up over the ocean just before the stars and stripes were honored in song…… dude really?  How much more cool can you get?  Tingles for sure!

Actual moring of the race! Taken by Robert Terry Photography

 Fast forward to the meat of this post.  BANG! (it’s go time!)

 Never did an ocean swim,rarely get to do a beach start.  Today was a great day.  With a handful of high kneed strides and a perfectly timed dive over a crashing wave followed by a few dolphin dives and a surfer dive under a wave,I was off in what felt like the start that one trains years to perfect!  I had a full body lead on the rest of the pack before I even started swimming.  Cool (of course that never lasts too far) 

Swimming out to the first buoy was pretty fun since the swells were coming straight at you.  It seemed as though I managed to time my sighting for the valley’s of those swells more than I planned on as I had only a few times that I was successful at spotting the buoys.  But I managed a straight shot to the first buoy and turned 90* left towards the long stretch that paralleled the beach.  This stretch had me daydreaming too much.  Mostly about how awesome it would be to catch a lobster during the swim leg.  Before I knew it the second Turn buoy was upon me and it was time to turn towards shore for the fast return leg.  Sighting off the big Ferris wheel that was just behind the finish arch of the swim made it easy…… well,except that I kept that visual cue a smidge too far to my left and almost swam directly into the pier!  Oops.  A quick adjustment got me back on track and out of the water with a few other guys.  Loved my first race in the ocean!

Insert witty comment about goggles…..

 Swim Split info:  Time 30:53, AG Place: 4th , OA Place: 24th   (I will take it)

 Transition 1:

 Ok…… so there was a ‘short’ run to transition.  Like,a half mile or more short.  No worries everyone has the same distance to run.  I took my wetsuit off just after the sand to make the run to T1 a little “more better”.  I lost a spot doing so,but gained a few by running faster and not having to stop when I got to my bike.  I did lose time at my bike though as one of my bike a shoe was off the pedal (Sabotage I suspect!).  No worries I just took the extra :26 to put it on the bike before I did the run out of T1 with my bike in tow.  Onto the bike I fly and away I go!  Thanks Eric Opdyke (race director) for the “Dude,you’re waaaay behind” comment as I so elegantly mounted my bike and sped off into the wild blue yonder.

 T1 Time:  3:41  (I like to think it was a half mile run that way I ran REALLY fast or transitioned really fast….. I will take either or)


 So that first ‘climb’ out of T1 combined with the run from the beach had me in a spot of bother that I didn’t really like being in.  I will blame my inability to get my HR under control for a loooooong time on these two items.  Certainly it wasn’t the beer and burgers for dinner the night before. 

 Off we go a flying on our trusty steeds.  Who needs to scout the course ahead of time right?  All reports have been “It’s Flat with the exception of the hill at mile 40”.  Hammer time then!  Well,a better description might be ‘rolling’ as there were definitely more rollers than I was expecting.  Don’t get me wrong,lots of flat,but the rollers weren’t helping my HR get down.  I was passed by a couple guys in the first few miles and I kept them in sight for a while.  It wasn’t until just after the first aid station where I slowed enough to grab two bottles of water (mile 15 and next aid was at mile 30,I need more water than that normally) where they got just out of sight up the road.  I was getting lonely and losing my focus.  Thankfully,a few miles later I looked over my shoulder to see if I was completely alone and there was someone back there a ways.  After the 20mile timing check (I notice these things now that I have worked timing) the dude that was back a ways came flying past.  I read his age and saw 28!  Shit he is the wave behind me so he is really 4minutes ahead of me.  I made the call at that point to throw MY pace out the window and stick with HIS pace.  It hurt for a little while as he did the usual technique of keeping the pressure on after passing someone.  I kept my distance but made sure I matched his effort.  After a handful of miles he looked back to see I wasn’t going anywhere.  We from that point started working ‘together’ as we both upped the pace and made sure we kept moving in the right direction.  After a while we started clipping off a few folks that were up the road.  There weren’t many to get though.  After 50 miles of riding with out seeing too many competitors we merged with the oly distance folks and had some traffic to deal with.  I ended up losing my riding buddy up the road and started developing a quad cramp around mile 53 or so.  I shoved all the salt tabs I had left in my mouth and finished off the water I had.  I didn’t really have a lot of time though as the last few miles were pretty quick. 

 Bike Stats:  Time 2:25:39    avg: 23.07mph   AG place: 2nd  OA: 7th

 Transition 2:

 Summed up in three words:  I GOTTA PEE!

 Thanks to that bike course NOT having any down hills to coast on,there was no peeing out on the course today.  This left Timmy with a rather FULL bladder.    The rest of T2 went smooth.  Knowing I was to be running on a trail I opted for socks as sand and bare feet don’t mix in my book.  Socks on,shoes on,grab my glasses and go. 

 T2 time: 1:15 (too slow because the pee break was part of the run)

 The Run:

 Like I just said….. the run started with a pee break!  Nearly a full minute too (I was watching the clock the whole time!)  That’s at least a good sign that there is some hydration still left in me.  Enough about my bodily functions,onto the run.  I started out the run as the pro’s were finishing up theirs for the Oly distance.  So I got to see a few as they ran past me through the finishing shoot.  The first mile had me struggling.  My hamstrings were “right there” on the edge of full cramp and of course my stomach was locked up tighter than fort knocks,but I put on a good show for the spectators because they seemed to think I looked ‘good’ as I went by.  (I was in a spot of bother)    I spotted my riding buddy up the road after the first mile and tried to keep my eye on him.  We were now full into the run and dealing with Oly racer traffic so it was hard to keep him in sight.  The run was a little congested on the trail with the combination of races but after the turn around for the Oly race the trail opened right up and I could see who was up the road.  It was my buddy in sight and that’s who I chased for another mile or two.  I was going through aid stations with him.  Finally after mile 5 or so I made a pass and mentioned our pace starting to slow.  I never saw him again.  At the turn around I was able to count those up the road.  There were 4 ahead of me none of which were close enough to count on catching.  I was 6.x miles into it and not getting faster.  The stomach cramps I had started with were still going strong and I felt the need to try and pee again.  This time I was a little concerned that all I got out was a few ‘tinkles’ and they were not exactly clear.  I was pretty dehydrated at this point and my stomach wasn’t going to be helping much.  I tried to do the best I could slowing the pace a little in hopes to get some fluid in,but it was a futile attempt.  Finally between mile 8 and 9 my body decided it was best to try and rid itself of some of it’s stomach contents.  This is the first time in a race that I puked on the run.  It makes for a cool sounding moment of distress story,but in reality it relieved some pressure in my gut.  After that the cramps were substantially less and I was able to run a little better. Not fast,just better.  I got to see most/all of my Rev3tri teammates out there smokin’ the course.  The last few miles got lonely again until I was in the last mile with maybe a half to go when I got passed!  Son of a bitch!  His age showed 34 on his calf and he was in my group.  I didn’t realize at the time he had just taken my 3rd place age group medal away from me, but either way I put up what effort I could to try and not let the pass happen.  It did either way and he earned his spot.  I was able to hold of a hard charging Jordan Vance, a fellow Rev3 racer that closed a big gap on me even though he was having some GI issues of his own.  At the line I was 26seconds off from 3rd in my age group andJordan was about the same behind me. 

  Splittimes from my watch:

  1. 6:25 first mile split…. But that didn’t include the potty stop,so I’m sure it was longer
  2. 6:54
  3. 6:52
  4. 6:58 (half racers split off from the Oly racers)
  5. 6:58
  6. 7:04
  7. 7:54 (stopped at a porta john at the aid station. Unsuccessful attempt at #1)
  8. 7:12
  9. 8:07 (this is where I decided the that stopping to throw up was a great idea)
  10. 7:52 (rejoined a few Oly racers)
  11. 15:47 (two miles here,wheels never came back after the puking incident)
  12. 8:57 (run includes last .1miles as well as not stopping at finish.)

 Total run time was:  1:37:47,  pace 7:27min/mile  AG 4th  OA 11th


Total time:  4:39:13

Thanks Stephanie West for the sweet finish line photo!

 I wasn’t very happy with myself as I’d hoped to be 5min+ faster but I guess things happen.  That run is about 10minutes slower than it should be,which is what it would take for my goal to break 4:30 to become a reality.  I will work some more and try again.  Until then I suppose I will continue trying to balance training and having fun the best I can.  My coach has a lot planned for me over the winter,we’ll see what we can carry through the end of THIS season first!

  After the race I hung around and had THE BEST post race food EVER!!!  A lobster bake complete with two lobsters,corn otc,mac salad,hard boiled egg (?),and a freaking tasty brownie!  HOLY CRAP that was yummy! 

Thanks Mike Hutto for the Instagram picture

After dinner I eventually got some NormatecMVP recovery love and then some A.R.T love.  (Legs are feeling pretty fresh as I type this 48hrs after finishing)

NormatecMVP Recovery Love

 Likely the best part of the race was cheering in the last couple finishers!  ALL the Rev3 staffers and the remaining crowd and a metric crap-ton of people lined the finishers shoot and proceded to cheer in what turned out to be some emotional finishers.  That was a fantastic moment for me and everyone else there.  My hands were sore from all the clapping!

 The sad part of my trip…….. I was intending to bring home a bunch of lobsta for a dinner party for my lovely brides birthday.  I went to wally world and bought a cooler and then proceded to head over to the lobsta fisherman to get a dozen of those guys for the trip home.  Turns out a lobster is a gentle animal and it was too much to ask for them to survive the trip home.  I was SUUUUPER bummed as I wanted to ‘bring home the bacon’…….er,lobster. 

 So I started my trip home (complete with MORE traffic for hours). 

Leaving Maine

 I spent the night at a Pilot gas station/truck stop,then finished up Monday morning.  1,020miles logged onto the suburban….. and as many good times logged onto THIS GUY.

 Phew……. That was a long report….. but you opened it.

 Thanks for reading!