Monday nights are now officially for kicking my ass! 

Join me and some friends for “The Machine*”.  It doesn’t kill a man it just takes years off his life.

This week was the Mini Machine to start us off a little slower.  It’s a duathlon format of R-B-R(-B-R)

Tonight was just R-B-R. 

Times were not the fastest BUT we started a month earlier than normal so that’s to be expected.  Can you say “Eye opener”? Running was a challenge with a total average of 6:15ish where that should be below 6:00 for this event.  The bike was on pace, but the wind wasn’t there so it’s hard to compare.  The good news is Shiva rolled as predicted, Perfect.  I haven’t ridden Shiva since IMAZ!  I do need to raise the seat up a smidgen which is consitant with my road bike moving up a smidgen as well?  I wonder if my legs got longer?

oh well.

R1 10:54
T1 :27
B1 25:26
T2 :32
R2 11:39
Total 49:00 for the Mini……

*From Wiki: The Machine is a torture device invented by Count Rugen to drain the life out of a person a year at a time. When Westley is captured, he is tortured in The Machine. When Prince Humperdinck becomes angry with Buttercup he turns The Machine up to 50 nearly killing Westley. It is later learned from Miracle Max, that Westley is only mostly dead. (Princess Bride 1987)