It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin changing and most around town finished off their season with a Marathon somewhere. The nights are getting longer and the pumpkins are showing up on front porches and smashed in the roads. It must be fall!

With fall comes………. The Beer Mile! (or root beer mile for those that are under 21, or just a regular mile for fun and to cheer on the other folks)

This year the beer mile will be held on Saturday Nov 3rd @ 4pm at its usual location. (if you don’t know ask I will tell you, but won’t publicize it)

NEW this year will be a special feature. A Modified Beer Mile that follows the same principle and has been created to establish a potential winner for a Rev3 Race entry of their choice.

The Challenge: (in the order of your choice, so begin the strategy now)

One beer will be consumed in it’s entirety before each ‘event’ is performed. Failure to hold the beer down will result in one extra running lap of the track.
Event 1: 1 lap running
Event 2: 1 lap on a Childs bike (I will be providing 4 identical bikes and two BMX style, first come first serve)
Event 3: 1 set of 25 pushups and 25 squat thrusts (we will be counting so no cheating!)
Event 4: 1 lap running……backwards (You will be able to see your competitors gaining on you)

The winner will get their name put in the “hat” as many times as there are contestants.

5 contestant’s total

1st 5 chances
2nd 4 chances
3rd 3 chances
4th 2 chances
5th 1 chance(s?)

You don’t have to be fast to win, but it will surely help your chances at winning the grand prize.  I might bring some other random stuff to give out as other prizes……

BYOB…… regulations say no light beer and a 5% alc by volume and 12oz containers

If you need to contact me, please do so at timATtimandrusonlineDOTcom

I hope to see some smiling faces out there!