First Race Report of 2012

Blair, Dave and myself in the B group

First turn had the main attack from some strong riders. All three of us made it with Dave getting popped from the effort to cross. The break was made in a hard section of steady head/crosswind that made a 3ft gap feel like a 30ft gap. Blair and I were able to hang in the group that had dropped quickly down to 7-8. After about a lap I and a couple other got shot out the back one at a time. Blair forged on holding his ground and showing some strong legs early in the season. Eventually getting popped from the remaining 5 of that group. He held strong with his helper up until the last few bumps of the 4 laps when his helper decided he didn’t like Blair anymore. Blair came in a very respectable 5th, though none of the rest of us got to see it because they were so freaking far up the road and out of sight.
Dave and I enjoyed a leisurely ride in the beautiful country side. After I was shelled from the original break I sat up for the group that formed behind us to gather me up. I sat in on this group for a lap or so. I think there were 8 of us in this no-mans land group. Dave I think at this time was stuck in the larger chase peleton.
A strong cross wind on the back stretch had everyone half wheeling trying to find a sweet spot. Well with any good gust comes the inevitable connection. The group I was in had a crash with one rider crossing up and deciding to take a nap on the pavement. Another rider thought wisely and rode over the guys head and then did some fancy highstepping across the pavement in a fantastic show of figureskating skills. The figure skater never hit the ground, but the group was neutralized and Dave was able to regain our group as the peleton caught up. We broke away and a solid group of us formed our own pack. After listening to the guys say “let’s work together” and me replying “Why?” I was saddened by how little folks were willing to work….. I mean LITTLE. At times I was sitting on the front going INTO a head wind NOT pedaling @ 13mph and none would go around! Messed up! A few efforts here and there to at least enjoy myself and we were at the final climb. I know I came over the top with Pinky (the figure skater, he was able to rejoin after his dance) heading into the downhill finishing stretch. As always there are folks that think NOW is the time to start the sprint to the finish, Rookie mistake…. it’s a freaking LIFETIME before the finish at this point. I managed to let a few of the rookies make there efforts up front and allow me a 30+mph leadout. I was able to make my move at the perfect time and had a head to head with an old friend. I was able to save that 11 tooth gear until just the final moments, when I shifted down from 12 to 11 I was able to gain the 2inches I lost to him and put it in my favor. A good finish makes the race feel great. Dave was behind me in the group not sure the ‘official’ finish ranking of him since there isn’t much of a check in outside of the top 5. So Blair scored a 5th, I got a 6th and Dave was somewhere in the top 10-15.

As for the A race with Bruce….. As always it’s a freaking hammerfest from the start. Bruce says it was split up by the first turn. Efforts were ridiculously high and with the winds making a few feet of a gap equal to a mile gap. Positions remained relatively unchanged throughout as attacks were made and folks were shelled off the back. Bruce finished strong just outside the top 5 in a three man sprint to the line with some kids 20+years his junior. Showing some strong early season form Bruce is going to find it hard this year to see the sponsors on the backs of other racers kits since he doesn’t ride with a mirror.

Not sure you could ask for a better weather come raceday in the middle of march that what we had Sunday. Looking forward to the next 4 races.

Stay tuned, Race season is HERE!