“update” to point out some of the flaws in this system.
When making a connection be GENTLE with the plugs, they are super sensitive and I had the rear derailuer plug fail on me. After an extensive rewire I realized it was the plug. Thank fully I had a spare harness that I was able to Rape and Pilage from.
Another issue; when making the connections and covering the soldered joints be sure to use heat tape that has the glue/sealant stuff inside it to make a water tight seal. Or some type of liquid tape over the ends will work. I had to re-wire after the joint for the battery/FD power corroded and broke. An easy fix, but still needed to be fixed.
The last issue; when placing the brain in the nose cone, beware of the oriantation of the button that changes the system to adjustment mode. I had an issue where it switched itself. Again a simple fix, but a fix that had to happen.

Now I think things are looking up again. Here’s hoping for a flawless run for a while…..