1. Don’t badger my kids to brush their teeth
2. Don’t freak out about my house being a wreck
3. Let Tim make his own coffee
4. Paint my whole house
5. Cut my hair
6. Get a better body
7. Buy some new clothes(and wear them)
8. Comb my hair and put on some makeup before leaving the house everyday
9. Let my kids play video games more often
10. Let my kids eat junk food and not feel guilty about it
11. Accept each child for who they are
12. Don’t expect Tim to be romantic
13. Be ok with relaxing and doing something I enjoy
14. Say “no, I don’t want to go to a triathlon this weekend.”
15. Go to a beach instead, where there is no competitive swim
16. Laugh more
17. Drink only when I need to
18. Stop feeling guilty about everything
19. Start being nicer and remembering first names
20. Eat more veggies and drink lots of water
Maybe I should start at the bottom and work my way up the list. But no one has brushed their teeth and its 9:00 am. I guess I can still yell because its December 31st!