This winter has me on a bike trainer inside,not so much due to the cold but the dark.  Don’t get me wrong I’d rather vegetate in the house due to the cold,but the dark I can’t really fix.  Sure I could get some lights or something to shine the way but that only partially helps as I can’t seem to find a good reason to get run over by somebody that is zoned out on their drive home from work and isn’t expecting me.
So no daylight means it’s off to the trainer (actually I prefer Rollers with a resistance unit, check out the video below).  These particular rollers are great because of the resistance unit on there is magnetic and is variable.  It is also pretty linier in it’s resistance as you increase your output.  If you haven’t tried rollers yet, you really should!  They force you to focus and keep your head in the game at least a little bit.  Otherwise you find yourself flat on your back in the middle of the floor.  (I should write a post about THAT epic crash!) The real threat of crashing keeps you on your toes.  Good times.
No matter how fun rollers actually are, it still gets boring riding in place inside by yourself.  Cue, The Cellar Dwellers.  This is a group of guys (and sometimes gals) that show up in the basement of my buddy’s office to train together.  I think the best part is explaining to folks the scene of a small room with a bunch of men, sweating, breathing heavy, moaning, groaning and clad in Lycra.  Not spandex, because spandex is gay.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.
We are doing a 12 week training series by THE Chris Carmichael; you know the one that coached THE Lance Armstrong.  IF you didn’t know that, just one of these 15 workout videos would have that info permanently etched into your brain.  Overall, these are good videos and have some good workouts on them.  Last night we are doing these 3 x 10minute ‘things’ so the coach on the video has LOADS of time to talk and fill in the dead spots.  Well, this coach, who works for this professional coaching program is trying to explain POWER.  I was in a state of oxygen deprivation and I was still able to generate the irritation that only coming home to the kids painting the side of the house with dog poop.  This guy was either thrust into a public speaking gig never before having learned the skills of proper blabber OR he was a complete idiot and should never explaining power to anyone.
Power is pretty easy to understand what the measurement is.  Power is a number that ‘tells’ a cyclist how hard they are working.  This number is a measurement based off two things, the amount of the Force you press on the pedals that create ‘Torque’, and then multiplies how fast your pedals are moving (RPMS).  This takes ALL the intelligence out of power and it’s understanding after this point. If you want to move your bike FASTER, the only option is MORE POWER.  It doesn’t matter which gear you are in or how fast you are pedaling, if you want to go faster you need to change one of those variables to input more power.  You can have the same power output if you pedal really fast or really slow by changing how hard you press on the pedals.  The end result of maintaining that power output is the overall speed of the system will remain constant.  (unless there is a change like a hill, but there aren’t any hills on a set of rollers)
What’s my point? I don’t know.   I was just amazed at how fundamentally WRONG a “Coach” could be.  I’m sorry for dragging you into this rant, but if you are going to be coaching people on the ways to use power I would think you should at least know what it is you are talking about.

Rant over.