Cookie and Hat 4 miler in Big Flats. Since I ran this morning I decided to run with Ace and Axl during the New Years Day 4mile run.
This event is always great since they change the course every year and you never know where it’s going to take you until you are on the starting line. Today it took you about a mile down the paved road and then it was off into the woods for a couple miles. Over the creek and through the mud winding through the ‘jungle’. Crossed a creek that had people falling into the mud. Ace was struggling by mile 2 and Axl left us in his dust. We were having fun though, jumping logs and running through some more sloppy mud. At one point I said to Ace “I paid for you to run through the mud today”, he laughed and thought that was pretty cool. By mile 2.5 or so, we came across Max who started 15minutes early with the walkers. He too was enjoying his time in the mud. Axl at this point was off in the distance and Ace had his eye on him not letting him get too far away. Kelly was a ways behind us, as we started pretty quickly leaving her at the starting line.
I had to talk Ace through the last few miles as he was getting pretty tired by this point. With under a mile to go, we were passed by another short/young runner. We tried to stay with him, but he was moving too quick for us today. We watched as this same little guy caught up to Axl off in the distance. This turned out to be enough for Axl to step up the pace a litle bit. Those two guys ended their run in a sprint to the finish. Axl claims it was a tie, but the win was given to the other little guy. No worries, fun was had by all. Ace and I finished strong together a couple minutes back. Rounding out the 9 & Under podium with two Andrus kids on the 2nd and 3rd step. Mom came in a few minutes back followed later by Max and Uncle Nicky with Pam finishing just a click ahead of those two.

2nd and 3rd place 9 &unders paid out well with each getting some fancy chocolate covered double stuffed oreos. They were really proud, but not nearly as proud as their parents.

Great start to 2012!