After two and a half days off following Rev3 Quassy I started back at it.

Wednesday I went for a whopping 2mile run and that felt like I was running in the sahara!  Heavy legs

Sand Dune

Sand Dune


That was a crappy feeling!

Thursday I woke at the crack of dawn for some pool swimming to get some blood circulating through those heavy legs.   2000yds and I was feeling better than when I started. 

Thursday afternoon I decided to get a run in before the group ride.  Grabbed some kids to tow along and hit the ground running.  I felt pretty good.  Decided to work the uphills hard, secretly trying to drop Ace and Axl on their bikes (didn’t work) then I carried the speed over the top and relaxed the downhills and flats.  When we finally got back into my neighborhood I decided to do a couple repeats on one of the uphills around the corner from my house.  The hill isn’t too long.  At “full gas” it took me 0:39 to get to the top.  After 5 trips up, I was spent and 5miles clicked over on the garmin.   Grabbed some tacos and water and got my kit on and ready to ride down to the shop for the Thursday night ride. 

Thursday night ride.  I was spent!  No power in the legs as I rode down to the shop so I just pushed what I could.  The ride was friendly with the few attacks thrown in for pulse checks.  Riding home I knew I was done for the day.  47 miles isn’t bad for a weeknight ‘recovery’ ride…..

Friday morning swim:  Bobby (that fast swimming bastard) decided he wanted to join me in the pool.  I set the clock for the following: 500yd Wu 8:30 (it takes a solid :30 before we even get in the pool after I start it) 5×200 on 3:00 (2:4x’s  sad face) :30rest then into 10×100’s on  1:30 (more sad face)

I’m beat!  4hrs+ training in 24hrs…… not bad I suppose

Run tonight, Open water swim at the pond in the morning, Coach the kids swim meet, Maybe a bike ride somewhere in there, Then a Poorman Half on Sunday.  It’s all training!