I could have ESP. I didn’t go to spin class Thursday morning and I get a call from the school nurse. Ivy split her pants. I run home from the grocery store, get pants and go to school in less than ten minutes . Sure enough I walk in, her undies are clearly visible. She was having a great time in morning gym next thing she hears a big rip.

I took all the gluten foods out of our house and ace has been bitching ever since . I decided to stay up tonight and have a glass of wine to enjoy being alone. Next thing I know I hear a strange noise from the boys room sure enough ace is vomiting from the top bunk. I walk in and it’s flying onto the steps and axl’s bed. Max wakes up and says “dude” falls back to sleep.

Maybe I should’ve just let the kid eat some bread after all. Good thing Tim isn’t here to witness this! And apparently I need an oil Change to!

It doesn’t get any better than this!:) true story, who said being a mom was easy?