I need to admit to a small obsession of mine.  I like to look at the stats on this here website.  I can see what people read, when they read it, how often, what country you are from……. etc.  Don’t worry, it takes too long to see EXACTLY who you are, I don’t have time for that.

One of the things I CAN see are the search strings that are used to get you to this site.  Normally it’s simple things with my name or triathlon, kinda boring.  I just saw the best one yet come across the lines!  I love it!


rev 3 wisconsin race report, sand dune, Sand dunes of the Sahara, nude diving swimming hole -youtube, splicing di2″

I love that someone ended up finding ME with using NUDE DIVING SWIMMING HOLE as part of their search string! 

Confess!  Who was it?