Wow!  Who else seems to think clocks have been moving quickly lately?

I swear just yesterday it was January 1st and I was “gung ho” on my training plan and keeping this Blog up to date.  Apparently I go away for a week and I forget to log training (notice the number in the top right have been stagnant for a while), I stop paying attention to my weight and I stop running.

Let’s have a spring Cleaning of sorts shall we.

  • I pledge to get back on track and get to fighting weight!  (goal 170 by 04/01)
  • I pledge to get my running sneakers all sweated up and worn out again. (goal is 30m/wk )
  • I pledge to continue my swimming at the 3-4days/week (goal 10k/wk)
  • I pledge to ride outside now that the clocks are changing for the better (goal is 200m/wk)

It’s time,heck it’s catch-up time,there is no room for excuses now and nothing tastes as good as fast feels!  It’s March 8th and my days are getting shorter every minute (relative to the previous day, 1 over x+1, check my math on that one J )

I’m going to try and update my mileage to reflect what I have been up to lately. 

I need to will post my weight on a weekly basis, weigh in will be Sunday mornings to try and keep me from over cooking Saturday nights.  I will make a spot next to the mileage totals to update my number. (current weight as of this morning was 177.0, I won’t tell you what it was last week!)

I just ran twice in the last two days and feel like shit.  My body has forgotten how to run.  7.5 flat miles at 7:05/mile?? Freaking ridiculous!

Right now it’s time to get back to work and focus on what matters,which is going faster.   

Game face on!