I have taken some time to write up a little diddy about these ‘boots’. Mostly because I was too busy thrashing myself just for the sole purpose of getting the chance to wear them and test them out.


First things first. These are referred to as ‘boots’ ,but even strippers don’t have boots that come up this high. Perhaps ‘leg sleeves’ or something along those lines should be the common term? Either way,they cover your ENTIRE leg from your little piggy that went weeeeee weee weeee all the way home up to your…..ahem…most tender parts.


What are these NormaTecMVP Recovery boots? By now I’m sure you have all seen the silly socks that triathletes,and now it seems just about every athlete is using them for recovery as well as some of them using them as accessories. But we won’t get into that conversation. This system makes those socks look like your mama’s leggin’s! Consider this system compression socks on the EPO/Steroids that are only available to grand tour winners. :)

These boots are NOT made for walkin’! They are truly made for recovery. This is a good thing because recovery happens when you are RESTING, not while you are racing/training like most people seem to think those socks are for. These boots hook up to a pump that systematically fills and empties 5 chambers along your legs. The chambers start at your feet and work all the way up to just below your gluteus (butt). Each chamber overlaps the previous chamber so there aren’t any dead zones. The pump does all the thinking for you and performs a pulsing/hold sequence that is best described by ME as slow squeeze and release followed by a squeeze and hold. It does this starting at your feet (my favorite) then while it’s ‘holding’ it starts on the next chamber. When it finally finishes the 3rd chamber it ‘lets go’ of the first chamber and continues….. phew! I’m glad the brain/pump knows what to do and all I have to do is relax!

How’s it work? I was excited to get my ‘hands’ on these and give them a try. In fact,I was so excited I screwed up and hooked up the wrong power source to the unit on the second time using them. THANKFULLY the customer service group was great about helping me out. I admitted to committing a code ID_10_T and burning up the unit. They were thankful that I was capable of supplying them with some great product testing and hooked me up with a new unit. HUGE THANKS for that! So after I got the new unit back,and was SUPER careful about the power NOT being supplied from my laptop plug,I proceeded to give this unit a solid chance. Sorry for that interlude… I have been running a lot and biking a lot just for the purpose of using these. THEY WORK! I have been recovering very quickly and since this is mid season I have a good grasp on my ‘normal’ recovery time. My runs are hard,my bike is hard,and I’m recovered and ready for the next day. I call that a win!

Cost? They aren’t cheap,but neither are carbon wheels that cost MORE and offer maybe a minute or two of time savings in a race. Imagine recovering from a hard workout and being ready to improve at the next one. Doing that for a season will give you far greater a return than those wheels. I think that makes this a worthwhile investment.

I’m sure my use hasn’t been long eno


ugh to get any ‘real’ statistical sampling, but as of now you would have to pry these boots from my cold dead hands!

If anyone wants to swing by some time and try them out feel free to contact me OR better yet, come to a Rev3 event and visit the NormaTec booth and try them out there! But just beware that once you do you will be hooked!

Thanks for reading.