A Recovery swim!

For me, the best way to get the toxins out of my legs after a race is to go for a swim the next morning. Thanks to the fact that I don’t use my legs at all when I swim, and add to that a pull buoy and I get a fantastic ‘cleansing’ in my legs. My theory is, my heart rate goes up but the demand on my legs is waaaaay down and since there really isn’t a switch inside the body to prevent the blood from circulating through my legs I get all the benefits of blood flow with out the wear and tear on the damaged muscles. This seems to work as my legs feel ‘fresher’ after a good swim workout than they do on the way to the pool.

This morning was all freestyle since the pool over flowing and there are no lane lines.

500 wu with buoy nice and long
20×50 on 1:00
First 5 were to get the blood flowing and were without buoy (:38’s)
Second 5 were with a buoy (:35’s)
Last 10 added paddles and upped the effort a few :32’s some 33:’s and a couple 34’s

100 flop and called it a morning.

Felt great getting some low times for a change.