It seems that this weekend was a rest weekend.
Saturday started at 2:36am as we woke early for a road trip to the Preakness in Baltimore for a bikini contest for Kelly. Who am I to say anything since she rode to Knoxville for me.
Anyways. I saw a bunch of “ladies” that had far less…um…. Well they were more willing to look like….um… Ok, there were a few that mentioned in their bios that they were “dancers”. So you get the right idea they weren’t belly dancers.

Kelly got a pretty revealing bikini but in reality it looked like a pair of granny panties in comparison to he competition. The rules said no thongs… Not sure how much closer the girls could have gotten. Needless to say, Kelly looked great up there and definitely held her own with the 20sonethings but she didn’t win.




How many kids?


There they are

After the show we hit the road since hanging out baking in the sun drinking overpriced beer while listening to deafeningly loud concert music isn’t so high on our list anymore. We made it home by dinner time and hung out with the kids at grandmas house.

That was Saturday and I was pretty tired at the end of that one.

Sunday had us all getting up early for a local 5k. The Susan G Komen race for the cure in Elmira. Kelly, Ace, Axl and I were all running while Max and Ivy were just there for support. We all were up in plenty of time to get our PowerBar vanilla crisp bars for breakfast and hit the road. We got to the race a little early and picked up our packet. I was a little (ok a lot) miffed by getting only adult large shirts for the 4 of us even though I preregistered and specified the sizes while I paid $100 for our entry! But I don’t really care I guess….. Flash forward to the start. The weather was freakishly gorgeous! Sun was shining and the sky was clear. With temps in the 60’s (but climbing quickly). I was excited for a quick time. First 5k that I actually got to race this year. Equally excited were the kids and Kelly.
We lined up at the front like every Andrus is taught to do. There were close to 1,000 runners so starting anywhere else is a waste of time. So there I was with my two 7 year old boys toeing the front line and the starter comes over and says “they can’t be up here, they are going to get run over!”. I looked him square in the eye and just said “nope! They won’t”. Looking behind us at the herd of pink clad buffalo with headphones and fuelbelts on, I decided the safest place for them was upfront. Considering they dropped most of the field in the first mile (I checked the splits on Ace’s watch,7:05 for the first mile) I think they deserved to be there. It made me proud when the starter finally recognized me and said “oh, I didn’t know these were YOUR kids. They’ll be fine” he shook my hand and we smiled.

game face!

On to the start. With the herd behind us getting antsy the starter attempting to get their attention basically said screw it and gave us the commands. (airhorn) We were off in a cloud of dust…..

and they are off
and they are off
Ok no dust…….

 A handful of strides off the front with a quick look over my shoulder to check on the boys, who were top ten off the line, and the race was on.
Well that’s really the end of the excitement for the race. After the first turn, about 200yards down the road, the race was pretty much established. Some 17yo in front of me walking away and another behind going the other way left me alone early and in 2nd. Through the first mile in 5:25 (10secs slower than last year) and I knew a PR was out of the question. By this time some guy on a bike showed up next to me and I asked him of the gap behind me. He said 25-30secs. So the middle mile I backed off a short hair, 5:49, to gather some oxygen. Towards the end of that mile I asked my rider about the gap a reply of “getting smaller” was all I needed. I kicked up the pace for the last mile and opened up my gap again and cruised in for a second place finish. 17:49 was the official time on the clock, 5:45 avg. I was a little disappointed but equally happy. With zero speed work and low mileage I’m not that far off peak form.
The big news on the day was Ace and Axl! I quickly ran through the finishing shoot grabbed a water and turned around and ran back to find them. Excited that I only had to jog a 3/4 a mile or so and found them. They looked tired but still moving along quite well. They had dropped their mom a ways back and were still running stride for stride with each other. Truly a great sight really. I turned and ran next to them. Talking them through it a little. I told them at the approaching corner they need to drop the hammer. With only a tenth of a mile at the corner they attacked as if they hadn’t ran a step before that. Passing at least 20 adults in the final stretch and sprinting side by side all the way to the line. A proud dad looked up to see them both stomp that timing mat stopping the clock at 23:58! With a goal to break 24:00, I think they did their dad proud! Mom was a short 44 seconds back coming across the line with a PR on the day as well. A super stoked Andrus clan to say the least. The boys landed the top two spots in the under 9 category and would have been top 5 in the 10-14 age group as well!
I guess the awards will be mailed and that is a bummer for a race that cost us $100 and lasted 24minutes. We did a quick cool down run with the walkers/funrun mile since Ivy wanted to run that one.
We spent the rest of the day riding to the pond for some fishing and swimming followed by some pizza eating and beer drinking at Grammies while the kids did some more swimming.
Training wise, I did nothing this weekend. Family wise, I think I stocked up on a few “this was the best day ever”s.
Sometimes a training plan needs that

I’m using this as my backup excuse when the shit hits the fan in a few weeks in Quassy for the Rev3 half. But the pain is worth it every time!

P.s. this post was typed in its entirety on my phone! Please excuse the grammar and missed spelled/used words as auto correct sure comes up with some funny suggestions!