With the end of the world nearing and the season over due to a small cow on my lower leg that isn’t cooperating, it’s time to consider the next go round in 2013 and reflect on a pretty worthless 2012 season.  (What did I do this year anyway?)

Walking and talking with Kelly, my resident nutritionist, the other day, we established the start of next season is now.  Mama said, lose some weight fatty.  Ok she didn’t say it that abruptly, but we agreed.  At least in terms of PRE season, weight loss is gonig to be out first step.  I have always struggled with my weight.  Go ahead and look back, I’m constantly talking about my buldge.  At most races I find myself standing next to those that finish ahead of me and those that finish not too far behind me and noticing the difference in BMI or simply weight.  I’m not saying I’m “average American” fat or that I’d blend in to your standard Mc’D’s crowd, but in the competitive athlete community, I’m a killer whale stuffed into a lycra wrapper. 

You gonna finish those fries?

My BF % is roughly, according to our digital scale with built in BF% measuring capabilities, 17%.  Let’s do the math on this, this morning I weighed in at 172lbs and I’m 68″ tall.  With a BF of 17% compared, for easy math, to a 7%BF on not quite elite athletes, that leaves me with 10% BF that I could/should/wish-to shed off before I’m down to “Race weight”.  This is 17#’s?!?!  Now, I’m not a rippling Ab encrusted man child that shave’s down for a Chip-n-Dales gig on the weekends.  Nor am I a Jersey Shore “Situation”.

I too like to hang out on the beach in my Tighty Whiteys!

  I am in fairly good shape and in the correct lighting and a small amount of photoshop you can almost see that there is a tell tale sign of a six pack residing where it belongs.  

Um? Go Dale JR!?!?

 I don’t know where this 17lbs is going to come from, but it’s safe to say I could shed 10lbs of the solidified fuel that I choose to carry with me 24/7. 

I don’t know what to say about this one….

So, what I’m getting at here is that yours truly is going to be grumpy for about 10lbs or so.  Notice I didn’t reference a date, just a value.  I have no idea how or when this will come off, but I know we are starting now.  Actually this morning I weighed in and started recording calories.  I’m not ready to run yet (damaged goods) and getting on the bike/trainer doesn’t strike up a bunch of  enthusiasm at the moment either, so now seems like a great time to limit calorie intake. 

I will post up some of Kelly’s ‘recipes’ that she comes up with along the way to show you what she does to me does for me.

Stay tuned?  If you want to.