Remember those games from when you were a kid?  Annoying and fun all at the same time!

Originally, way back in the day, I started this website for myself as a way to keep track of my ‘stuff”.  Some training info, some race results, some calendars (which is all messed up at the moment), you know all that crap that you need to have some where you can find it.  For me that place was online.  My wife couldn’t just ‘throw it away’ and once I updated the info I couldn’t forget it.  Flash forward a few years and it seems I am not too far from the same thing, only now I actually have a few folks out there reading this.  I just installed an ‘app’ if you will that tells me how many folks are actually reading this jibberish…… turns out, there’s quite a few.

I guess that means I need to step up my game a little bit and maybe put some info up here that is useful to folks or at least something to read while you are eating your Cookies and Cream PowerBar and drinking your morning cup-o-Joe.

I was just reading my pledges a few posts back, well, I fell miserably short of most of them.  I forgot to weigh myself on April Fools day, but this morning and the past 3 mornings have been under 175lbs so that’s at least tracking in the right direction.  The riding 200miles/week goal seems now to be a bit over zealous since the weather switched back to March weather and interupted that goal.  The good news about is I have been getting out and putting the miles in, just not 200/week.  The running shoes are still dry and not sweaty, but I have started to run more than I was, not 30mi/week, but more.  Judging from the Skunk Cabbage last weekend, I’m not too aweful far in the hole with my running. 

Racing season is here so hopefully some race reports will be flowing in and I will start getting some pictures of new places.  (I need to notice more things)

Hey, while you are here, be sure to swing by one of my sponsors or donate to a great cause or just drop me a line and say you love or hate me.   Oh yeah, how many of you are reading this on the mobile site version on your phone?  I haven’t spent too much time fiddling with that to make it too pretty.  Let me know if you are and I will work on it some more if needed.