After taking the day off on Sunday, well if you can call the work I did around the house and at my parents house as ‘off’, Monday was shaping up to be a good day.

This was the first day back swimming in a week or more thanks to the spring break and the pool being closed. I started back at it with the usual 500 WU and then just a set of 20×50’s just to get back into the groove of swimming again. Times were decent.

Monday night Machine!
the weather was perfect, if you like thick air and higher than normal temps.
There were 6 of us taking on the FUll Machine tonight.

The run started out fast but difficult as the wind was square at our faces on the way out. The way back thankfully awarded us with a lovely tail wind. This would be the same for all three runs.

The bike;
I was very livid with the bike on this day! Seems my crank managed to loosen up and was making a hellacious noise! The noise was bad enough but the bigger issue was it was so loose that if I shifted into an easieer gear on the cassette thanks to the auto trim option with Shimano Di2 it would ‘shift’ into the small ring up front. This made things rather difficult to maintain the pace I wanted. Either way, I didn’t have the power needed to prevent ol’ Bruce from passing me on the bike. I knew I could take him on the next run, but it’s belittling to get passed none the less.

the second run;
With Bruce coming off the bike ahead of me (perhaps cutting a smidgen of the course :) ) I had a gap to make up. This wasn’t a huge gap, but the effort I was forced into putting out on the bike thanks to the winds and the ego squashing had me digging a little deeper than I planned to not only close the gap but put a gap on the other side. I did manage to get myself a small cushion when it came time to get on the bike again.

Second bike;
The plan on this time out was to just keep Bruce behind me for at least the first lap and then keep him from getting too far up the road on the following two laps. This seemed to work out, though in the end I think perhaps the leash I loaned him was a little long.

Last run; (make of break time)
I came into the last transition and Bruce was already off his bike and out of sight on the trail. He is a competitor and I will be honest, though he isn’t a faster runner than me he has HEART (and some lungs). He’s not one to go down without a fight. As I turned onto the loooong straight trail I could see he had the better part of a .2miles on me. This was a little nerve racking as my legs and lungs seemed to be resisting my brains efforts to push them. Thankfully my brain won this battle and by the time we got to the turn around (~1mile) I was hot on his heels. I sat in for a couple seconds to gather my breath then just before the pole we turn around I attacked him. I hit the gas and whipped around heading back. This was the nail in his coffin. By the time we made it back to the finish line, I had the same gap on him as he had on me at the start of this last run. 1min

Overall it was a FANTASTIC workout and it’s always great to put the hammer down for an hour and a half. I love that I had someone there making me work for it. I only hope I can start getting some more out there.