Lately I have been caught up in a daydream. Imagine that, an addictive personality that is caught up in something that occupies their brain for entirely too long. In this case I’m not sure yet if it’s one of those things that just flashes past.
About 5 years ago I did my first Triathlon. It too was a daydream at first. It all started with a need for exercise thanks to a messed up back. Before too long all that exercise lead me on a daydream. I started to think of that glory folks seemed to have when they crossed the line after a full day of racing an Ironman (it’s ok, I can say this because Rev3 wasn’t born yet). I had not even done a tri of any size and I was stuck, fixated on that goal. I could go into details about my first year and the millions of things I learned, but perhaps that deserves a different post.
What I’m getting at is; daydreams aren’t always bad ideas. Triathlon is one of the best things I have ever done. Not the event itself, but the lifestyle that it brings. I’m typing this on my phone while I sit on a rock at 6:00am waiting for some fog to lift off the pond so I can get my swim in.


(oops posted this too soon)
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So I’m sitting here with a little time on my hands just listening to the sounds of a Sunday morning in the summer. It’s about as peaceful as I can imagine at the moment. Earlier this week I met up with Nessy the pond monster and swam with her. (I will post a link to the video later) Later I’m going on a ride where I will see all kinds of great country in the surrounding hills. When I get home my kids will either be swimming laps in the pool or “playing triathlon” out front of the house. I will roll in tired and sweaty after several hours on the bike and they won’t think anything weird about it. This is “normal” in our house. Not sitting in front of a video game, not watching TV or texting you Facebook “friends”, but getting out there and living.

This is my daydream. I don’t want to get lost or stuck in the downward spiral of monotony that is the “normal” life of society. I want to DO something! Something that is abnormal to many but is very normal for us.
When I started triathlon I went “all in” because I knew THAT daydream wasn’t a flash in the pan. Five years later and I’m still in love.
I have a new dream now. This one involves selling all that crap you dot need and getting a truly mobile home. I want to get out there and see the sights around the country. I want my kids to play triathlon all over the place. I want to wait for the fog to clear over some back country lake while I watch Nessy swim from shore. I want to raise my kids and teach them more than just math and vocabulary words for some state test. I want to change my “commute” when ever I feel like it.
This dream is dangerously close to having the same pull as my dream of doing triathlons.
I guess we will see where the road takes us on this one.