It seems like just yesterday that I went through the many lists out there of races that I’d like to do this year. Now the pretending is over. Game day is just around the corner. All the regular races are long since past. The giro’s this year had me wishing I didn’t eat and drink as much as I had this winter….. as they always seem to do. The Skunk Cabbage half marathon was a shocker really, but an indicator that unless I’m insane, the outcome isn’t going to change if I keep doing the same thing. I’ve tried some new things with my training this year but for the most part it’s still the same.

Now it’s April 20th and while the pot smokers of the world are rejoicing in the fact that it’s a Friday this year, I’m seeing posts that TODAY is the last day to sign up for Rev3 Knoxville. This means that the race is really going to happen, and I’ve really signed up for a 70.3mile Triathlon on May 6th. I’m really driving 12+ hrs in just two weeks from today to the South and looking to beat the snot out of myself for 4.5hours (hopefully in the sun)

There isn’t much I can do at this point to make up for my short comings of this winter. Now it’s a matter of keeping what I have, resting a little here and there, and toeing the line with my game face on.

I haven’t raced this course since 2010 so that is Two years of training between now and then. 3-4 bikes, a wetsuit, a bunch of wheels, at least 10 pairs of sneakers, some new teammates, likely a half ton of weight gain/loss (small amounts of course) and who knows what else has changed. I hope all of this change is enough to raise that proverbial bar a notch or two.

4:40:23 back then was good for 7th overall in this race. A 4:27 won it and just happened to be the guy who took my age group also.
Hopefully this year, something will be different for the better. We will never truly know until Game day!

See you at the races! May 6th, you will be able to track me live, I will have a website for that when the day is closer. It should be here