So wednesday night as planned with only minor variations.  instead of 6.6m outside it was something around the same on the Treadmill.  I shorted out one treadmill and had to jump onto the one next to it to finish up.  Not sure what that was all about.

After the run though I did a P90X abripper thing that was killer.  Apparently (as if I didn’t already know)I have no abs…..

Coached little kiddies at the pool for a while, then hit the trainer for a work out.

What is up with workouts being interupeted this night?  about 10-15 minutes into the video my computer decided it was time to do updates and shut down?  WTF?  so the workout changed on the fly to:

8 x 3:00 On/2:00 Off  while watching two episodes of Cheers (isn’t the internet awesome?)


Thursday only had a Swim in the morning, but I was  ‘blessed’ to have company there to kick my ass…… Thursday, night turned into game night with the wife and kids.

Don’t know what will happen tonight, but I have gear to run in after work all ready to go……. here’s hoping.