I wonder if Friday is the “Update your website because people are sick of looking at the same thing” Day….. well it seems to be that for me at least.

Lets see, what has happened in the past week? I will update my training log as best I can from memory.

My Horoscope for this month as read out of some girly magazine by my loving bride, suggested that some crazy shit was going to happen this week. Specifically Tuesday and Friday. Well, nothing that I can tell has happened along the lines of what was alluded to. It said something about TODAY I was going to get a job. Actually, now that I think of it, I might be!
Today I have an appointment with the town to see about hosting a Youth race. A Splash and Dash race for kids 7-15 this summer at the local pool/park. That would/will certainly be a “job” in itself. I won’t be making any money….. but definitely a “JOB”. I sure needed something to take up all that free time I have!
On Tuesday, if I recall, I was supposed to come into some money….. yeah, that didn’t happen. At least not that I know of. Anyone?
I have been watching all these STUPID gas prices that seem to have more get up and go than most of the American public. $4.19 and climbing! So this week I have been shopping for, wait for it……. a moped/scooter/vespa thing. I only work 1.6miles from home and it still costs me $20/week in gas to drive that suburban of mine back and forth. Not to mention the wear and tear of driving a cold vehicle only 5 minutes and then parking it for it. So I’m thinking if I get a scooter I could zip around town sipping gas and laughing at the suburban(s) sitting in my drive way! I know scooters are like fat chicks…. Fun to ride, but you don’t want your friends to see you on one. (I know, bad taste joke, but this is what my buddy said to me when I mentioned my ‘plan’) So, if you have one and want to get rid of it, let me know.
Let’s see, what else… Oh, the wife has taken up a new hobby of sorts. Well at least her hobby might pay off more than mine. She has started shopping for bikini contests to enter this summer. It’s a tough life I have that is for sure! I have a wife that looks good enough to enter a bikini contest, she can win $$$, and I am ‘forced’ to attend the competitions and comment on other women in bikinis….. I know, you cry for me. Of course like any true hobby one must BUY the best gear to make one the most competitive. I found out they don’t make Carbon Fiber bikinis but they sure cost as much as some Carbon bike parts. Add in a evening gown or two and this game can get silly really quick. Like all the other hobbies we always forget to add in the cost of travel, lodging, food, gear…… it all adds up to a net loss. But let us not compare that to triathlons. :)
I have taken on another project this week which should be ‘fun’. I tore apart an old Zipp 440 carbon wheel for my bike and I am relacing a different hub into it. The old one was for a campy 8 speed which is of little use for me with all shimano bikes with one Campy bike that Kelly rides that is also a 10 speed anyway. I am lucky enough to have a good relationship with my local bike shop that he showed me how to make spokes! Pretty neat tool that lets you cut a spoke and put new threads on it. Wednesday night I spent the evening making threads on ~30 spokes and watching Monk. I laced up the wheel and now I need to beg/borrow/steal a truing stand from my buddy to get that thing spinning straight and round! I’ve made a couple wheels back in the day, but those were just el cheapo wheels for a beat up mountain bike so that doesn’t really count.

I think that’s enough Jibberish for one posting. Time to figure out what I did for training this week and get that all up to date.