Ok, where to start.


On account of the insane amount of wind the Machine was once again forced indoors. Well, this week it was a combo of indoors and out.
There just happens to be a loop around my neighborhood that is almost exactly 2 miles. Add a little bit for running in and out of the garage.

So tonight I set out to do the machine alone. One lap of the neighborhood at a running pace that is silly followed by ten miles on the rollers riding Shiva and followed by another lap of the ‘hood’

The first run went well with some awkward feelings but still moved the legs pretty well. It’s really hard to motivate oneself with out competition. But alas the run finished hard with some low 6:xx’s in the wind.
Onto the rollers with Shiva. There is an adjustable magnetic resistance unit on these rollers and I switched it up to a level 3 or so. This seemed to be enough to make me want to cry. Normally on a set of rollers with no resistance spinning at 28mph is not that big of a deal. Tonight moving that digital needle past 20mph was a task. It took me 33 minutes to cover that 10 miles (without ever going anywhere) which is pretty upsetting when you are trying really hard to go faster.
Slap on the shoes and take off the now thoroughly soaked shirt and run out of the garage for the last lap. This run was more difficult than the first, but the pace was the same. Go figure.

Ended well, and I was beat. The machine did it’s job once again.