Ah yes, Saturday’s ride. What a great day for a spin ‘around the block’.

As some of you noticed Friday night, I was indulging in some adult beverages. Bruce called while I was pressing a frosty beverage to my lips and informed me of his intent to blast through 100miles in the morning on his bike. Like any true blooded male I accepted his invitation and hit the hay “early”.

Flash forward a few hours and I find myself in the parking lot donning my gear and throwing a leg over the saddle. We hit the pavement just rolling along. Thankfully the poison in my system seemed to have no affect on my legs or ambition on this day.

The route was pretty flat and the winds for the majority were calm. At least calm enough I suppose. We pedaled through several towns along the way, I know this because at each one of the signs the pace picked up and we sprinted to the death.
In between the vicious attacks on each others souls we carried on meaningless chatter while enjoying the more than perfect weather. We commented on the fact that if we were out of towners riding this route we would be awe struck by its beauty. We took it all in happy to be upright and pedaling.
In the town of hornell I got a flat rear tire just after attacking Bruce for a town sign and jumping some RR tracks. Changed that tire while watching the train go by just behind us.
We headed off further into our ride stopping at a local quickie mart for some water. The weather got a little chillier and the wind started to pick up. This was just in time for me to get a second flat. We used the last of our spare tubes and hit the road again.
The returning 45 miles were great! The wind was favorable and the pace was hard. Those last miles flew by as we covered ground in a big hurry. Rarely dipping below 25mph.
Finished the ride feeling fresh and ready for some steak!
95 in 4:38. Not a bad days work!