Tuesday nights have historically been for hard bike rides with a group of likeminded individuals. In the past it has been my fault that the pace is painful and many have ‘complained’. Well, tonight was not that night!
Being an early week for me at work, I get out in plenty of time to get some extra mileage in before the ride. I took the longer route to the shop where the ride meets. An extra 18 miles before shouldn’t be bad?
Tonight, I should have stayed home. Before I got out of the neighborhood I knew I was in for a long night. It seems the Machine took a little life out of me. The steady headwind for the beginning 8 miles was a worthy excuse but on any other day would have just caused me to chuckle at the inconvenience. Tonight it proved to be rather daunting. I kept telling myself to just keep pedaling and the wind will change when I turn the corner. It did, but my pace didn’t pick up too much. UGH!
I did the usual hammer down the main street chasing cars and I’m pretty sure that put the final nail in the coffin. This was BEFORE the group ride.
The group was thankfully a smidgen less than spunky thanks for a few no shows. There were some usual suspects but they were easily persuaded to forgo the new race night loops and hit some other roads. Over the river and through the woods and dragging my fat ass over the hill was enough for me. I cried uncle and let the group head out for a hot lap around the race course, while I schlepped my tired ass home. On the route home I found myself with ZERO energy and legs that felt like MUSH! I was happy to pull into the drive with a 45mile total for the night and a hot shower just in sight.

Mentally the workout was for the bank…… physically, I should have stayed home.