It’s been a hard season for me to get into running. I think it’s been because of the weather. Honestly! The weather plays a big part in my training ‘plan’. I can ride in just about any weather as I can always adjust my clothing while riding by adding or removing leg warmers, arm warmers, wind vest, zip, unzip… you know all that crap. When running it’s a little different. For cold, but not freezing cold, I find it absolutely terrible for dressing. I sweat like a fat guy at a all you can eat hot wing buffet! Running is the worst offender for this.
All of my runs tend to start in the 45minute duration range. I’ve measured and I can sweat out 3lbs of fluid in this time. That’s like dumping 2 bike water bottles over your head. Find me some clothes that in 45 minutes will evaporate (or for marketing purposes, WICK) that away from my flesh and keep me warm and happy. Now add into that 40 degree air and dampness all around and I can’t get the urge to RUN in that ( I will bike any day in that).
I wear shorts at anything over freezing for running as I overheat in tights above that temperature. Now I have 40% of my body exposed to the cold damp air in addition to the shirt I’m wearing that is completely soaked through. GAWWD make this misery end! NO, I don’t want to run on that damn treadmill sitting in the living room! I’m fit so I can LEAVE the house, not be trapped inside in front of a TV!

Tonight, I forced myself to run on my favorite trail. The Catherine Valley Trail, CVT, is located just up the road and is a rails to trails trail that is about 8miles long (depending on whether you count the closed but fully functional part) I have put more miles than I could count on this trail. It’s out of the wind thanks to the trees, it’s out of the sun when it’s blazing hot, there are no cars, the surface is forgiving, there is a gentle incline in one direction, decline in the other (duh) and it’s actually got two bathrooms along it’s length! This is really a fantastic resource to have, and I have forgotten this. Tonight, I remembered! It was a short run of only 6 miles tonight. This run was interrupted by the need to pee 3 freeking times, but it was still a great run. I was able to daydream again, which happens to be my favorite part of running. I was able to hold a pace, while not fast by my frame of reference, was still comfortably quick and very sustainable. My protection from the wind was minimal due to the lack of leaves yet, but was better than the open road. In short, it was a reminder of the joy of running for me. As I type this I’m thinking of the next run, something that I haven’t done in a while.

If you were to ask me how this run made me feel in one word, it would be: Cozy

Yep, Cozy!