Keeping this blog and training log updated as well as maintain a job and a family and a life sure is a challenge. But I suppose it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t a challenge.

My totals for the year up in the corner are way off now. I think I need to spend some time update if that. Maybe tonight after I am done drinking a few beers while I re-wire my bike that has decided it doesn’t like heavy doses of sweat seeping down into the soldered joints.

Ah the fun we have.

Fly-by-night is tommorow night at the glen. Should be a blast. If you like the pain of dragging your tongue on the ground for over an hour and not being able to breathe. That reminds me, last night I found (rather Kelly found) a box of breathe rite strips in the medicine closet, so I use one on my run and then bike. I had forgotten how much air those let you breathe in and how much less effort is needed. I guess I will be sportin’ a weird tan line this summer.