So being a triathlete of many years it seems I have started a collection of swimming attire. I have always heard that wetsuits are faster than none, so like everyone else I bought a wetsuit.
I found that Blue Seventy was the brand that fit me best.

Thankfully they are a sponsor this year of Rev3 and our team. Lucky me!
Now I have started to collect various stages of wetsuits as a result of many variables.

My first wetsuit (that my buddy still has) was a Reaction full sleeve that I bought back in 2007. It was fairly inexpensive and I thought it made me swim like a motor boat. Then I picked up a Helix full sleeve in 2009 and holy cow I was a speed demon! I had also picked up a skin suit for any non wetsuit legal swims (just used it for the first time this last week) no legs no arms. Just this past couple weeks I picked up a new sleeveless Reaction to try and beat the heat of my next race and a brand new Helix full sleeve (because who doesn’t want a new Helix?).

The questions I started to have that I couldn’t definitively answer, until now, were “is there an actual speed difference in these suits?” and “if there is, how much?”. Well I am setting out to find the answer as I have already noticed a trend. If you follow my Facebook account you will notice me Swimming at the pond all the time.
This pond has a section that I choose to swim consistently for reasons I will post in a separate “make fun of Tim’s issues” post. It’s 367yds across, or at least that’s the best measurement I can come up with at the moment. The sighting is as clear as day thanks to a tower on one shore and a unique tree line on the other. I have been able to get consistent times in each of my swims for anything from 4-6 lengths/widths/laps what ever you want to call them today. There is little to NO waves, ok there are ZERO waves to interrupt the tests.

I’m telling you all this stuff so I can leave all this info out of my results post that is going to happen sometime next week after I can get a straight week of testing each suit. (I still haven’t opened the new Helix yet).

I will give you a peak from my testing for now. Wetsuits, even sleeveless ones, are A LOT faster AND easier effort than even a skin suit. Breaking news I’m sure. But I have time figures to go with it.

Stay tuned for the numbers post in a handful of days! This should be fun if not only for me.

Thanks Rev3 and Blue Seventy for helping me get out there and in the water.