Who is Tim Andrus?  That’s a great question!  To be honest other than saying “That’s Me” I’m not entirely sure how to answer that one.

Where to start?  Hmmmm…… Well let’s get all philisophical on you right now.  I’m more than what you would meet while standing in line at a Subway or something.  While you are standing in line you might think I’m a cocky individual, which by some peoples definition I suppose I fit that bill.  I like to think of myself as a confident person.  This, coupled with my inability to tell you something other than the truth comforts some and makes others uneasy.  I could go into an entire disertation on this but, you probably don’t care, if you do keep an eye out for the day I write my life story on the interwebs.

Some people define WHO they are by WHAT they DO as a profession.  Others, by what they do for fun.  Yet another way to define ones self is by how they see themselves.  I’m sure there are as many ways to define oneself as there are individuals in this small world.  I am a father, triathete, genius, computer geek, sensitive tough guy, confident, jack of all trades.  Like my ‘nationality’, which is Irish, Italian, Polish, German and Dutch, I am American.  I have my opinions, my views, my goals, and I rent the property my house sits on from the gov’t in the form of Taxes.

If you want me to tell you how it is, just ask me.  If you want to hear a sugar coated story about daisy’s and butterflies, I regret to inform you that I’m not your man.


It’s been nice meeting you, hope you stick around.