What a busy time lately. I haven’t been able to keep any ‘real’ posts up here that were worth reading. I suppose Pictures are worth 1,000 words? Let’s hope so.

Anywho…. Let’s start by sending a HUGE thanks to my Rev3 Triathlon team managers Sharpie and Charlie! They have been working their butts off on securing some fantastic product for the team this year. I try to tell these guys how grateful I am to be on the team as often as I can, but I still don’t think they know.

I’m more excited than a dirty old man at an outdoor cheerleading competition the day before labor day just after it just starting raining! This year I get the opportunity to represent some great brands:


I have been rocking a Blue Seventy Wetsuit since the beginning.  As of the past few years I have been in a Helix.  I instantly fell in love with this suit.  I am an ok swimmer, but have a hard time in the pool keeping up with the ‘real’ swimmers.   When I put the Helix on, I am able to compete and in the cases where the ‘real’ swimmers don’t have the Helix on, I am able to surpass them.  I’m excited to get my hands on a new one and maybe pick up a sleeveless one for training days that I’m being to lazy to slide my arms into the full sleeves.


 Another great sponsor that Rev3 picked up for us is Swiftwick socks.  I haven’t had the chance to have these socks grace my finnicky feet, but I have heard nothing but praises and that makes me excited!

Keep an eye to the sidebar <– as I continue to add some more sponsors for the 2012.  There are more to come and it’s taking all my power not to tell you the ones that haven’t been anounced yet.  It’s actually eating me up inside.  😉