So something crazy happened last night and I’m now feeling recovered.

Max was going to get his friends to come to his birthday shindig last night. Just a short bike ride down the street. He and his sister were turning nine.
I was inside with Kelly and the two fresh sheet pizzas we just returned home with. Kelly’s parents just rolled in and were coming inside. This is the moment the shit hit the fan…

I had two of my kids bust through the door screaming “Max crashed!” “He’s bleeding and hurt”.
Normally this isn’t that big of a deal right. This time you could tell from the urgency in their voices that THIS time was legit.

Holy shit! There was an abundance of screams and an ample supply of blood both on him and on the ground.

Calmly and quickly Kelly and I jumped into action. Dragged him into the bathroom to clean him up and find the source of the blood. Well, Max was the first to find the source when he looked up in the mirror and raises the death screams to a new level. “My tooth!”

It was gone!  Not chipped, not pushed back, not bleeding around the edges, Fucking GONE!

Um?!? Shit! Kelly and I kept it cool, as cool as we could.   I left her there with him while I went on a scavenger hunt for his top front ADULT tooth.  The kids had already found it and brought it in. Fully inclusive of the root!  (Have YOU ever seen a FULL tooth with the root?  Crazy!)

By this time we are loading him into the car because he doesn’t know what has happened. We are heading to the ER because I’m pretty sure  he is concussed. (Doing a bunch of stupid shit in life will get you educated on the symptoms.  Ask Dave Raymond how I know)

Fast forward a few minutes and I’m on the phone with the dentist. “Put it back in” he says!?!  Blood still squirting out of this totally screaming kid that has zero idea why he is fucked up and I’m supposed to “put it back in”?!?  Um, ok doc.  So, like this was something I did everyday for a career I told the freaking out kid that is sitting in Kelly’s lap in the nice leather interior’ed truck with blood spilling forth like the super soaker he got for his 8th birthday to “open up buddy, I gotta put your tooth back in”. Lets just say the emotions one has to hold in during this type of situation in order to pretend to be calm and collected are pretty intense. The tooth went in and I worked it back up as far as I could an tried my best to encourage him to hold it there.  All the while repeating the answers to his continuous questions of “what happened” “why are there people here” “why did this happen” (in reference to the tooth being out of his head I think)
We had a short visit in the ER.  Thanks to the head trauma and profusion of blood we were able to budge to the front of the line. A cat scan on his head and face followed by an X-ray on his shoulder and we were out of there with a heavy dose of Tylenol with codeine.  Bubblegum flavor please!
The night was a two beer night when we returned home as I was (and still am) concerned I didn’t pull through in time to save that tooth and ultimately the little guys smile.
In the morning he made the trip to the dentist. Thankfully this dentist is great and I have been going to him for 30 years and his office is basically a few blocks from the house. Dr. Woodard was able to clean things up, inspect (says I did a good job “putting it back in”) and finally glueing a wire between it and the neighboring good tooth. In six weeks my nine year old is scheduled to get his first ever root canal. Yay.

So, what did you do last night?