This weekend was the best freakin’ weekend EVER to race at the Giro’s! EVER! And there were only 4 of us on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

Saturday had the B race sticking together in a group on the Wheatfield course for the 4 laps. There were plenty of attacks, but the fairly strong cross/head winds in a few location kept the weak from succeeding in their futile attempts. There were Prime points on the 2nd and 3rd laps with Blair taking 1point on the 3rd lap Prime. It all came down to a field sprint for the glory. At the line we had Blair just getting edged out leaving him in 2nd* and I just edging out another for 3rd. Dave was out of the top 5 across the line but put in a lot of work on the day so no sad faces were to be found…… with the exception of Blair I suppose. WE know who finished 2nd, but with a couple folks, Blair included, getting DQ’d for a Yellow line infraction I was moved up from 3rd into 2nd place points. Thanks Blair for taking one for the team đŸ˜‰ Bruce has had a great deal of work with all the silly fast kids up in the A group.

Sunday had a different group of folks riding out to the Riga course for 4 laps. This day had just Dave and I in the B race and Bruce going it alone again in the A group. The B group got started fairly easy with a start on a fast section of road with a roaring tail wind. Everyone was bunched up with one guy making a SUPER early, but rather worthless attempt, at leaving us behind. I felt frisky so rode up to him making a small gap before we even made it to the first turn. After discussing with him over his rather labored breathing his capabilities I retreated to the peleton to wait for some bigger fish. Later in that first lap on the major climb of that course I was sitting in the group getting dangerously close to being pushed over the yellow line while climbing. Being annoyed and having Moses part the peleton right in front of me, I made a VERY unplanned move. By the time I made it to the top there was only one person with me and a decent sized gap behind us. Head down/A$$ up! Around the corner and up the crosswind riddled rollers for a little bit then I notice my ‘helper’ was fading fast. $hit! Out of no where came my new helper that was gung ho and ready to ride. Though I was previously prepared to drop back to the peleton, this new helper sparked my giddy up. We rode together for the remainder of the first lap and the first quarter of the second lap. After his cry of agony just before some rollers on the back section a decision was made to go it alone. I knew there was a set of bumps in the road that were far enough apart to work to my advantage. Out of sight out of mind! I hammered over the first one leaving my helper behind and continued over the second bump in a hurry. The goal was to leave my helper in the middle for the group to see, and have myself positioned up the road and out of sight. It worked as “planned”. When the group came over the knoll they saw him and thought let up for just a second while they thought they caught “us”. This gave me the moment to open the gap just enough. From then on it was Dave helping me out by slowing the peleton when the times were right and me doing my best to stay out of sight. Big thanks to Dave and his efforts I was able to hang on for the remaining 2.75 laps solo. Dave was happy to grab up some 5th place points as the field exploded on the major climb on the final lap.

As always the story out of Bruce was/is, that was hard….end of story. :)

A toast to the fantastic weekend of racing was made very many times and a set or three of tired legs and eyes made it home in one piece!