I can’t believe what I’m seeing, moms buying soup for 10 cents a can and 56 cans of beef ravioli for nothing. I need to do this now. They split the purchases double coupons and use coupons on clearance items. Some women get paid to take items out of the store. Tim has got to see this show tonight. One lady had a bill of $680 and only paid $6.50. Someone bought 18 packages of hot dogs and tons of mustard(this would make axl over the moon, he would eat those disgusting processed meat products everyday). I’m seeing free jewelry ,soap, detergent and razors. We would need to build a small shed outback to house all of our groceries with an extra fridge and freezer. I just got a massage and steam with two five dollar coupons and thought I was getting a good deal. Who knew? I need to get busy and brush up on my math skills to start this coupon craziness. I do love a good bargain!