It’s always great to get some new products from a sponsor.  I’m especially excited to get the opportunity to try out these products.  If you are a swimmer you know what it’s like having hair that feels like straw.  Well,TriSwim is THE product that is going to fix that problem.  I know you guys are probably saying “DUDE. You’re bald”.  My daughter isn’t!  She is in the pool for practice 3-4 times per week so I’m sure we’ll get to test the shampoo and conditioner out rather thoroughly.  Also,some Foggles to keep those pesky goggles from fogging so I can focus on the set instead of being blind!  I already know my wife is going to enjoy the smell of the lotion rather than the smell of chlorine.

 Throw in some Body Slide in spray form to keep me from chaffing and I have myself a whole list of reasons to keep on training!