Everyone just came home from school, I just lost my shit! This is a very typical reaction for me everyday around 2:30. I had to fight with every single child that I have given birth to. Over what? Homework but of course! After a knock down drag out argument over 20 minutes of reading, my nine year old decides to read aloud to me a book about wild mushrooms! After enduring this torture of all 2.5 minutes, I realized I still have on the same tank top from two days ago. Then I thought hmm… When was the last time I shampooed, conditioned, and blew my hair dry on the same day? I figured the older my kids got the more time I would have for beauty! My husband says I’m high maintenance, if he only knew! Hopefully the kids don’t mind a messy, dirty mom that wears the same clothes everyday to save on laundry. I know the homework really bothers them though!