Back in the day when you were young someone you knew likely had an Invisible friend.  Hopefully that wasn’t you as I likely picked on you. (secretly having my own of course)  an invisible friend was cool because they seemed to do everything YOU wanted to do.  They never put up a fight that you didn’t ask for.  You could make them wear funny clothes and they would laugh at all your stupid knock knock jokes.  Life was pretty neato for a long time. 

 Then we got a little older and those friends disappeared….. as only someone that is invisible can.

 Fast forward 25+years and a slew of life complete with “contacts”, “acquaintances”, “work friends”, “family” and those people that are parents of the kid that your kids play with.  None of those contacts in your blackberry want to come over after work and play on the swingset.  You don’t even know how to get in touch with that guy you met at that one “dinner party” that seemed like he’d be up for a jumping match on your kickass BMX down by the river where you can get mud sprayed all over you.  Heaven forbid one of those work friends wants to draw today instead of ‘playing spreadsheet’ all day. 

 Enter the more grown up version of the invisible friend….. I realized I have many.  They aren’t exactly the same as the ones you had when you were a kid.  For some reason now they are a little more cynical in their motives.  Or are they? 

 Most of my ‘alone’ time (that I am going to write in a public blog) is spent training for some race some where.  I spend hours at a time ‘by myself’ not talking to another person.  It’s not to say I don’t have conversations and I’m definitely NOT alone. 


 These friends are always there for me.  But sometimes I’m concerned they are not my friends even though I know they mean well.  I think they are there to make me a better person and a better athlete.  They are always taunting me though.  When I sleep in, they call me names.  When I slack off, they are there.  They are also there when I’m working my tail off and I’m starting to struggle.  They are always one step in front of me running faster.  One wheel length farther up the hill.  One stroke further down the pool.  When I’m out of water on a long run they are drinking an ice cold beer.  When the wind is blowing and I can barely move forward, they are flying a kite. 

 Always there, always better than me!  I came up with a name for these friends.  Yes, PLURAL, there are multiple voices in my head.  I affectionately refer to them as: The Demons of the Pain Cave. 

 I’m not artistic enough to give you fantastic examples of what they look like, and to be honest I’m sure they are not that demonic.  I drew a picture of one that came into my head last night on my run. 



It’s not really scary or anything, but man this guy is a bastard!  He can out run me no matter what I do.  And no matter how hard I try he just keeps on going.  Time keeps on keeping on. 

 I’ll try and get some images of the other guys I train with in the future.