Last night max had a bad bike accident. We took him to the emergency room he had a cat scan and X-rays. All this went down on his ninth birthday no less. He also lost his front tooth, I will spare the bloody details but he came out ok. I am in awe of my husband calling the dentist and following his instructions to push the tooth back into the hole. Lets just say the screaming involved is something I will never forget. Tim took charge remained calm and we helped our son and did what a parent does in a traumatic situation ( breathe deeply and repeat its going to be ok). Usually Tim’s take charge attitude and controlling demeanor really pisses me off, although last night I have to say I didn’t mind it at all. It helped me to stay focused on helping Maxy to remain calm and strong. I usually forget to tell my husband that I appreciate him and love him for who he is. Even though the triathlete in him consumes our life I know he has our back. ( and sometimes my front, if we’re lucky).