What a fantastic day to ride a bike! Easter Sunday I was scheduled to be at my inlaws for lunch so I set out for a ride that ended at their house. The sun was shining and the air was crisp so I started with a long climb out of town that had me warm before too long.
The ‘jersey’ I created on Friday worked fantastic once again regulating the temperature perfectly! Never hot and never cold. Low 40’s with just a short sleeve jersey over top and a pair of arm warmers and I was perfect. For the long downhill I did opt to put my wind vest on just to be sure I didn’t get cold at 40mph+

The sun was very warming and I switched routes about half way out to include a little more ‘up’ and then a lot more tailwind/downhill for the finish.

I think I need to adjust my cleats on my shoes as I was having some muscle soreness in my feet. I was also having some back pain/fatigue which might have been the result of all the seated climbing I did Saturday.

Here is the course, that big ‘dip’ in the middle was Watkins Glen. And the second peak was right next to the race track.