Half day at work had me out and on the trail for a run with the kids in tow at 2:30. The sun was high in the sky and not blocked by a single cloud! Fan-Freaking-Tastic! Shorts and sunglasses should be the only thing you are ever allowed to run in.

Since this was a nice day, I dragged the entire family along for the run. Took the four kids and the bikes and Mama and her runnin’ shoes. Hit the trail and set out for a 20min out and 20min back run. I was running my pace Mama her pace. I ended up with the three boys hangin’ with me and Ivy was with mom.

I started out just rolling along and stepped it up a notch as we went. I was cruising and the boys were having no trouble keeping up thanks to the downhill grade. At 20 minutes we stopped (just happened to be the 3mile mark as well) had a pee break for everyone and by 20:25 we were heading back. The trail is a net elevation gain on the way back with some rolling bumps along the way. I stepped up the effort and kept attacking the boys on the bumps. I dropped Max when we went by Kelly. Ace and Axl were a little harder and they kept with me. Finished my run even splitting 20/20 on this trail that is a break through with the second half usually a lot slower.

6mile 40min….. I will take it!